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The following is a list of Buzzards, both past and present, sorted by their sweater number.
Players that switched numbers while playing for the Buzzards are listed for each number. - (Bold Are Active)
1 Todd Kendall, Dave Bell
4 Justin Morgan, Matt Forsyth, Steve Parsons
5 Brett O'Malley, Zach Roe, Craig Bilick, Ian Waldbauer
6 Ryan Iannone, Mark Williams
7 Aaron Peace, Jason Schmidt
8 Travis Friedley, Dan Hopfner, Colin Baustad, Shaun Tourigny
9 Shawn Syverson, Rich May
10 Tyler Steen, Ben Knopp, Craig Bilick, Dan Hopfner, Rod Pertson
11 Pat Bateman, Ryan Panet, Terry Ryan, Chris Szysky
12 Craig Westlake, Jaret Sledz, Heath Miller
13 Rod Pertson, Jason Schmidt, Glen Thomas
14 Chris Niemiec, Evan Perry, Sean McCarry, Rod Pertson
15 Brett Butterwick, Jeff Helper, Sheldon Gardiner
16 Steve Reade, Ben Knopp, Tyler Steen, Ian Wilson, Kelly Rogers
17 Chris Szysky
18 Rob Lipsey
19 Dan Pilling
20 Dan Dunn, Josh Esler, Todd Kendall
21 Scooter Smith, Aaron Peace, Wade Paterson
22 Scooter Smith
24 Steve Zmudczynski, Ryan Williams
25 Tyler Sloan, Cam Doull, Chris Jamieson, Dean Lubarsky
26 Jeremy Fyhn, Matt Forsyth, James Collopy, Jeromie Kufflick, Mike Lehmann, Brent May
27 Bruce Mulherin, Chad Kalmakoff, Todd McRae
31 Dennis Bassett
33 Justin Perry, Greg Fleming
35 John Haggis, Cale Jordison, Joal Williams, Ian Waldbauer
44 Harlan Anderson, Jeremy Robinson, Al Bahrey
55 Steven Bunney, Scott Reeves
72 Dennis Bassett
77 Jaret Sledz, Derek Robinson, Shaun Tourigny, Rod May
88 Steve Reade, Dean Dyer
89 Tyler Sloan


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